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What is the Appaloosa Action Project?

The Appaloosa Action project is an official fundraising initiative of the Australian Appaloosa Association.

The idea to start a fund to raise money for much needed AAA developments was suggested by long-standing AAA member to the Board at the 2017 Appaloosa National Show.

His original pledge of $100 was donated to the AAA in help kick-start the first campaign and the Appaloosa Action Project was developed.

The Aim

To fund AAA projects needed to improve functions and procedures of the Australian Appaloosa Association.

How it works?

The AAA Board of Directors governs the project.

The project will be assigned to developments, activities, promotions, functions, services, or equipment or other, that is determined as essential to benefit the AAA and it’s members.

A target dollar amount will be set and fundraising will take place for a duration determined by the BOD or until the amount is achieved and the project is completed.

All funds to the Appaloosa Action project are donations.

Once completed, a new initiative will be determined and fundraising will begin again for the new project.

Our Project in 2017/2018

The AAA would like to update its web and computer technologies to help support administration procedures for both the AAA office and its members.

The AAA recognises that the current website is not an effective use of media and promotions for our association. From a visitor perspective it is dated, not attention grabbing and is difficult to navigate or search. For administration, it is slow to update, there are limited options to change images, upload member information and has no options to change page formats or designs.

The studbook part of the website is difficult to update, access is restricted, reporting is not easily available and point recording process are far to time consuming.

The BOD have recognised the need to update the website and have begun investigations and discussions with a web development company and IT support.

Upgrades will include a new look site, mobile friendly, updated navigations making the site easy to use and updated content and imagery that will be regularly maintained. Links to social media and regular blogs will be included and reporting access is necessary for our administration team.

With the new look, the website content is designed for our members through the additions including log in areas, online forms and online payments making the best use of member’s time and our services. Options currently under discussion and development include (but not limited to):

  • Online memberships applications and payments
  • Online registrations applications and payments
  • Registration photo uploads
  • Member Log Ins
  • Online Club affiliations and show approvals

An addition of a For Sale page for AAA registered horses will be included. Members will have the options to advertise their horse for a small fee. It will show in their studbook profile, promote the selling of registered Appaloosas and will be sharable on social media.

The Studbook will also see a much-needed upgrade, making it easier for members to add horses’ pictures and access their points and award information.

Training will be completed by administration.

A long-standing AAA supporter, familiar with the studbook functionality, who will be working on coding, networking and efficiency of the studbook and these other online functions, supports and will help work on this upgrade. The AAA Marketing coordinator, office and BOD will also give content support.

All updates will allow the AAA website to be the hub of AAA information and a great media tool for our members and enthusiasts alike to gain easy access to information, complete online forms and in turn support the efficiency of administration procedures of the AAA.

All web developments take time and are quite costly. Initial quotes show costs to be between $12,000 to $15,000 for the whole upgrade. At this time the AAA cannot outlay this cost and have determined the website upgrade as the Appaloosa Actions Projects first initiative.

Target of the 2017/18 Project: $15, 000

How can I donate?

Donations are accepted in cash, cheque and direct deposit to any amount of your choice.

If you would like to support our Appaloosa Action Project, simply contact the Australian Appaloosa Association’s office today on 026765 7969 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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