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Australian Appaloosa Association Standard Fees

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Horse Registration Fees

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Filly | Mare | Colt | Gelding

Within 8 Weeks of Age $110.00 Inc Parent Verification Test
9 Weeks & Over $140.00 Inc Parent Verification Test
Registration of five (5) or more horses at any one time will receive a 15% discount on registration fees.

Non-Member Registration $250.00 Horse of Any Age & includes Parent Verification Test (EXCEPT Stallions)
Stallions $300.00 Includes 1st Service Certificate Book

Genetic & DNA Testing

Buffy Coat Activation $33.00 Contact Office for information
Single Coat Colour Test $55.00 Available Tests: Cream Dilution, Chestnut, Agouti, Silver, Pearl, Champagne, Grey
3 Panel Coat Colour Test Package $90.00 Package Includes: Cream Dilution/Chestnut/Agouti
DNA/Parent Verification Test $80.00  
Single Genetic Screening Test $65.00 Available Tests: HYPP, HERDA, PSSM1, GBED, MH, OLWS
3 Test Genetic Screening Package $90.00 Package Includes: PSSM1/GBED/MH
5 Test Genetic Screening Package $110.00 Package Includes: HYPP/HERDA/PSSM1/GBED/MH

Membership Fees

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Full Membership  $150.00  Includes Newsletter
Couple Membership  $215.00  Includes Newsletter
Constitutent Membership  $150.00  Includes Newsletter
Youth Membership (18 years and under)  $85.00  Includes Newsletter 
Lead Line Membership (3 - 10 years)  $25.00  Excludes Newsletter
Life Membership  $1500.00  Excludes Newsletter
First Time Owner  $55.00 For those Registering or Transferring their very first Appaloosa and who have never been a AAA Member previously Or For those who have not been a member for the past 10 or more years.
Social Membership $55.00 Includes Newsletter - This Membership has no Showing, Breeding, Registration or Voting Rights.
Amateur Association Membership $35.00 Due 1st August each year **Must be AAA Member**

Show Approval Fees

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State Shows $100.00  
AA Class Shows $60.00  
All Other Shows  $30.00 Including Club Events, Clinics, etc

General Fees

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Appaloosa Pedigree Registry - Refer to AAA Ltd Rules for further information $33.00
Administration Fee - Non members $35.00
Change of Registration Category $20.00
Mare Return - Non AAA Stallion - Due 31st May $20.00
Stallion Returns - Per Mare - Due 31st May $15.00
Late Fee - Stallion/Mare Returns - Per Mare, Per Month - Max. Charge $175.00 $25.00
Service Certificate Book $25.00
Duplicate Registration Application $30.00
Notice of Intention to Geld a Stallion $100.00
Notice of Stallion Actually Gelded $400.00
Reservation of Horse Name - Max. 2 years $25.00
Transfer of Ownership - Financial Member $55.00
Lease Lodement $50.00
Prefix Record $100.00
Pedigree Record - Subject to Availability $45.00
Club Affiliation - Includes Club Insurance $450.00 $800.00
End of Year High Point Awards $20.00
Point Recording Book $25.00
Incorrect Paperwork Fee $15.00
Inspection Fee (Plus Mileage) $30.00